Vault: Managing passwords in Odoo
Functional Presentation Technical
Location: Track 1 - 10/29/21, 12:40 PM - 10/29/21, 1:10 PM (+0200) (30 minutes)

Frederik Kramer and Florian Kantelberg, +49 179 3901819
Company team

Frederik Kramer

Frederik Kramer is the CEO of initOS GmbH, a German Odoo partner and community member.
Frederik holds a diploma on business informatics and a PhD on engineering from the Otto-von-Guericke-University (OVGU) in Magdeburg, Germany. He is a long time scientific research fellow at the Magdeburg Research and Competence Cluster (MRCC) working in the field of IT-strategy and Open Source. Since 2019 he happily serves as a member of the board of the Odoo Community Association.
Company team

Florian Kantelberg

Florian is a software engineer by education and an experience IT-architect at initOS.
He has a major interest in secure and reliable business applications and runs and maintains large parts of the companies' IT-infrastructure.

Despite the recent progress on two-factor and passwordless authentication, passwords are still widely used and important to everyone. Managing passwords is one of the most important tasks to every company to keep their systems secure and accessible. This often results in severe security threats such as "storing" passwords on paper, in mail traffic, or even worse.

Password managers for teams are good solutions to tackle this problems. They store passwords securely and allow to share them inside of the teams. Because our customers are already using Odoo such a password manager in Odoo continues the business integration even further.

This talk will present a password manager written for Odoo called vault and will speak about technical insights and its usage. This talk targets integrators and technicians.