Powering up sale promotions with new OCA's modules
Functional Presentation
Location: Track 2 - 10/28/21, 10:10 AM - 10/28/21, 10:40 AM (+0200) (30 minutes)

Powering up sale promotions with new OCA's modules
David Vidal david.vidal@tecnativa.com +34667367107

Odoo developer at Tecnativa

In v13 Odoo released the sale coupon modules from the Enterprise realm to the Community Edition one. It has triggered a good bunch of OCA's new modules enriching the feature set of the core promotions.

A new OCA repository was opened (sale-promotion) and some private developments from previous versions have been released as well as some new ones have been financed by CE customers that couldn't enjoy promotions before.

In this talk, we want to showcase some of our recent contributions to this family of modules.

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