Open Source ERP & CRM for users and developers


Whether you are a developer, an integrator, an Odoo client or functional consultant, you are part of our Odoo community. 

Why OCA for Odoo users:

  • OCA’s open source ERP and CRM apps make it easier to build flexible, functional Odoo systems in all sectors, with hundreds of diverse and specialist apps.

  • OCA apps are developed to work with a wide range of specific needs across many industries – boosting sales, streamlining operations, managing finances and more.

  • OCA’s collaborative software development means every app has Open Source integrity and quality. 

  • Our network of Open Source ERP & CRM community members gives you access to a network of expert advice.

  • As a user, you have the opportunity to contribute to OCA apps, working in cross-functional teams with programmers and integrators to make Odoo even mightier. 

  • OCA’s OpenUpgrade process makes migrating to new versions of Odoo more streamlined. 

  • OCA means your Odoo solutions will cost less and be more successful.

Why OCA for Odoo consultants, developers, and IT integrators: 

  • OCA makes it easier: access to high quality code, robust testing, and Open Upgrades reduce your cost and result in mightier Odoo ERP solutions.

  • Improve your and your teams’ programming skills through teamwork, code-sprints, and OCA’s community forums.

  • Your open source work is supported through the app store and legal frameworks.

  • Be recognized by the open source community and raise your profile among potential collaborators, clients and new hires.

  • Connect with others in your fields from across the globe, to build personal and professional relationships. 

  • Working in cross-functional teams with programmers, integrators, and functional consultants you’ll discover exciting opportunities for innovation. 

  • And all the benefits for OCA users also apply to you!