EDI made simple
Functional Presentation Technical
Location: Track 1 - 10/29/21, 1:50 PM - 10/29/21, 2:35 PM (+0200) (45 minutes)

EDI made simple
Simone Orsi simahawk@gmail.com

Long time contributor, OCA board member, working at Camptocamp as software architect.

EDI is an important piece of ERP solutions nowadays. Normally, integrators and developers (including myself) end up coding the whole solution - or part of it - again and again for each specific need/requirement/customer.

This talk will show you how you can easily build you own EDI exchanges using the OCA EDI framework. Such tools allow you to create any kind of EDI exchange in a modular way. Among the other things it takes care of their configuration and all the automation behind them (eg: talking to external services/sources, validation, crons, status update, etc) which leaves you plenty of time to focus on what really matters: the handling of the data.

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