WMS - Organize your warehousing operations
10/10/22, 2:00 PM - 10/10/22, 2:30 PM (+0200) (30 minutes)

WMS - Organize your warehousing operations
Jacques-Etienne Baudoux je@bcim.be 32472180032

Jacques-Etienne is an Odoo freelance who has been working on several major warehousing projects in Europe since 2007. He started working with Camptocamp in 2010 and participated in the design of the OCA WMS stack to respond to advanced routing needs.

How you move products in a warehouse without wasting time or space depends on the context.

In a picking flow, it differs based on the shipping carrier, the volume to ship, and the product packaging.

In a replenishment flow, it differs based on space organization, product rotation, volume & packaging, type of product & temperature.

In both cases, the flow may vary based on where the product is located, how to reach it, and how to bring it to the destination.

Operations routing, the number of steps, the operation type and the execution scenario of the operator has greatly improved thanks to that WMS stack of modules available in the OCA (last version in v14).

Let's discover some key sets of modules and how their configuration allows us to respond to many different use cases for complex and successful logistics projects.