When the time clock allows you to accumulate compensatory hours !
10/10/22, 11:30 AM - 10/10/22, 12:00 PM (+0200) (30 minutes)

I'm an open source python developer and linux enthusiastic administrator. After learning surveyor study I've deepened my computer knowledge with a GIS bachelor. I've followed different professional languages formation (java, C#.net, android) before becoming an openerp administrator (version 5) around 2011.

Then I've done Odoo development and I've learnt a lot on linux administration at the same time. I had a break with Odoo development for 3 years to manage web cloud hosting services (including Odoo services) keeping them up and running. I've also helped development teams to create robust continuous integration in an agile way.

I'm working as freelance since 2021 to customise companies business applications.

A feedback regarding how we are using couple of modules to review and generate compensatory hours from employee check-in and check-out !

This helps managers with gratitude towards employees and compensate times they invested in the company.

hr_attendance_validation (https://github.com/OCA/hr-attendance/pull/53)

hr_attendance_overtime (https://github.com/OCA/hr-attendance/pull/50)