Subcontracting in the Manufacturing World
Location: Track 2 - 10/28/21, 5:10 PM - 10/28/21, 5:40 PM (+0200) (30 minutes)

Subcontracting in the Manufacturing World
Melody Fetterly 8558772377

Melody Fetterly is a Project Manager and Manufacturing Business consultant at Open Source Integrators. Melody is a multi-talented professional consistently successful in planning and building teams to achieve operational improvements with 10 years in ERP Management and 8 years in Aerospace. Melody's expertise in change management enables companies to positively improve morale and productivity.

This talks will show a comparison of Contract Manufacturing and Subcontracting. Discussing why a company would use one or the other and how Odoo and open source can solve your industry needs.
With the help of out of the box solutions and enhancing the UI we can build a system that works perfectly for whatever contract needs that arise.
Melody will show brief examples of Odoo and then encourage an open forum to discuss and share ideas around this specific solution to an everyday occurrence for most manufacturers.