Seamlessly delivering to customers while contributing to the OCA
Location: Track 2 - 10/29/21, 10:10 AM - 10/29/21, 11:10 AM (+0200) (1 hour)

Seamlessly delivering to customers while contributing to the OCA
Daniel Reis Managing Partner  at ClosingAp Open Source Integrators Europe, LDA test

Daniel is an OCA contributor, and currently serves as OCA board member. He is author of the Odoo Develeopment Essentials boosks, and co-author of the first edition of the Odoo Development Cookbook.

Daniel is Managing Director for Europe at Open Source Integrators, an OCA Platinum sponsor, a consulting company focusing on enabling business digital transformation through open source solutions, including Odoo.

Leaving OCA contributions as an afterthought does not work. You won't have time "later" to do the code cleanup, submission, and follow the review process. In some cases your design might be challenged and it will be too late for you to do changes, since it is already deployed. OCA contributions must happen earlier, while you are working on the customer project, rather than later.

How do you deliver to your customers, while working in tandem with the OCA?

We present Git and code organization techniques that have been successfully used to achieve this. OCA existing modules are used used, directly from OCA sources. Fixes and new features are proposed to the OCA and immediately made available for the customer project. At the same time these changes are going through project testing, they can also be reviewed by the community, and additional feedback can be gathered. These techniques do required good commandment of Git, some discipline and good judgment on how to modularize your customer features.

The benefit is tapping into the wider community brain, and get better solutions for your customers, while contributing seamlessly to the OCA ecosystem.

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