Odoo's success stories in academia in Indonesia
Functional Presentation
Location: Track 2 - 10/16/20, 11:35 AM - 10/16/20, 12:05 PM (+0200) (30 minutes)

Odoo's success stories in academia in Indonesia
Dr. Ir. Agung Terminanto, MBA, IPM agung.terminanto@gmail.com +628568458595

I am a lecturer and practitioner of ERP Odoo in Indonesia. I am a lecturer at the Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indonesia and Pancasila University, teaching the Odoo Enterprise Resourcse Planning course. As as practitioner, I work at PT. Desktop IP 

Experienced for more than 28 years in the manufacturing and information systems industry, covering various areas ranging from, ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) Odoo, Production, PPC (Planning Production Control), System Development, Process Engineering, Quality Control, Sales & Warehousing, and Cost Engineering, as well as Management Development Systems, Risk Management etc.

I have computer skills from various fields: ERP-Enterprise Resources Planning - ERP Open Source Odoo / OpenERP until version 12.0, Oracle e Business Suite 12.1.4 (Module Order Management, Procurement, Inventory, Forecast to Plant, Plant to Produce, Accounting & Finance, Asset Mgt), Linux Ubuntu 18.04 operating system, Window, Statistics, Simulation, Office, Project Management, Graphics, Marketing, etc. Mastering various manufacturing methods starting from ISO 9000/14000, MRP, Inventory (Kanban / JIT), Lean Manufacturing, Total Quality Management, Kaizen, Statistical Control, Quality Control Circle, Business Process Mapping, etc.

I am also the activator of the Odoo Indonesia Community with the name KOIN (Indonesian Odoo Community) with 2,300 members. KOIN uses Telegram as social media. (t.me/odooindonesia). I am also one of the compilers of the SKKNI ERP (Indonesian National Work Competency Standards. SKKNI is the Indonesian government's program to standardize competencies throughout Indonesia.

I also regularly write international scientific publications about Odoo ERP on Scopus and Google Scholar

I am a graduate of Doctorate in computer science from the University of Indonesia with a Dissertation Title: Cloud ERP adoption Model for Indonesian MSMEs: Critical Success Factors, Level of Readiness, Implementation and Configuration Preferences using the Odoo Framework. 

I implemented Odoo in 10 MSME companies. In the last 10 years, Odoo has developed teaching in various universities and webinars in Indonesia. I also trained and socialized Odoo by holding a webinar on Sept 2020 with the title Digital Transformation of Indonesian MSMEs with the implementation of Odoo with 450 participants.

At the University of Indonesia I have become a Professional Certification Institute, and we use Odoo.  In addition, Pancasila University Industrial Engineering also has a special Odoo ERP Laboratory with the concept of Supply Chain. Starting from Distribution - Wholesale - Retail Point of sale. The application used is the Odoo module, Finance Accounting, Purchase, Sales, Point Of Sales, Inventory, Warehouse. It's been 3 years.

We analyzed that this practicum is very helpful for students because they can immediately practice. The idea used to be how we made stores like Alfamart etc. But if it's real, it's expensive. So we use used-product packaging where the most important thing is that there is a Barcode. Of course, the used product packaging is clean and washed. It also applies green campus, product reuse. 

In the practicum there are scenarios for the Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Finance Accounting modules. In order to get closer to real, there are also money transactions. We use the children's play money. 

This talk will share how we successfully implemented this in the Universities.