Refactoring of OCA financial reports
Functional Presentation
Location: Track 2 - 10/15/20, 12:10 PM - 10/15/20, 12:40 PM (+0200) (30 minutes)

Joan Sisquella Andrés is a technical consultant at Forgeflow. He has been involved in several Odoo projects, one of them the OCA financial reports refactoring. He is also a demand-driven planner professional.

Financial Reports are vital for management to make decisions about the company’s future giving information about the profitability and financial stability of the company. 

ForgeFlow works with clients with very large databases, this caused problems when using financial reports since they took many minutes to calculate or gave errors due to timeout. This created the need to refactor the financial reports to improve their performance. The purpose was not to use transient models due to the collapse that occurred when a huge number of records were run. Also, not using direct SQL means that the code is more readable, and can be more easily extended.