Product information management (PIM) within Odoo
Functional Presentation
Location: Track 2 - 10/16/20, 12:45 PM - 10/16/20, 1:15 PM (+0200) (30 minutes)

Product information management (PIM) within Odoo
Cédric Pigeon +352 20 21 10 20 31

Acsone and Akretion currently collaborate to put in place a set of addons allowing users to manage product information more easily within Odoo.
We distinguish 2 kinds of products information:
* hot information: it has a huge impact on the company flows (e.g.: VAT, price, ...) 
* cold information: it does not have any impact on flows but contributes to pushing up sales (smart description, media like pdf and videos, ...) 

Our tool mainly focuses on cold information by letting users creating dynamic attributes on products to complete them with extra information. Without such a tool, it is always required to pass through a development phase just to add a new field on a product. All these dynamic attributes are regrouped through attribute sets. A product is linked to an attribute set and then automatically own the related attributes. Working this way allows to show on products only the needed attributes and avoids to get overloaded form views with useless stuff. 

To speed up product completion work, the tools suggest several facilities:
* mass editing
* import/export based on Excel 

In an e-commerce context, we introduce a completion rate concept. Users define the needed fields and attributes per attribute sets determining the completion so that Odoo can display per product the completion rate and only publish on e-commerce platforms the complete products. 

We would like to present that to OCA community to get feedback. In case of interest, we would be very glad to push this work under OCA umbrella. 

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