Bronze Partner

Stockholmer Str. 14
07747 Jena
3641 634009 0

BATOP GmbH is a privately held company founded in 2003, focused on growth of semiconductor nonlinear optical devices like saturable absorbers for lasers, saturable noise suppressor for improvement of optical signals, and photoconductive antennas for Terahertz generation and detection.

We grow thin film stacks of the materials GaAs/AlAs/InAs on GaAs wafers for optoelectronic devices, do wafer processing, device packaging and testing.

On the base of our optoelectronic devices we provide also complete systems like Terahertz spectrometers and picosecond microchip lasers.

We have a high percentage of research and development to improve our products continuously. Therefore we work together with our customers to best fit their needs.

BATOP has grown under the roof of the Technology and Innovation Park Jena. Since March 2017 BATOP operates in its own building with more space for production and development.