Marketing Materials & Logos


Please note for all of the OCA logos they are NOT to be altered or have elements added.
Please do not add graphics, insert words or modify the design elements or the logo/design itself.

Odoo image and text block

For anyone who has signed the CLA

Show your support to the OCA and its mission by using this logo on your profile, resume, personal website or email signature.

Odoo image and text block

For Local Communities and Localization Projects

Show your affiliation to the OCA using this logo on your local website.

For anyone who has purchased the 2022 membership

Yes, you paid 50 EUR to support the OCA and its operations. This logo is your way to tell everyone.

For anyone who can vote in the Annual General Assembly

You are part of the OCA decision making body. You have a vote and a voice. This logo is for you.

Presentation Template

Functional Brochure



Technical Brochure



If you want to translate and use those brochures, please

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