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Re: OCA Days 2023 - can you help?

Adhoc S.A., Gonzalo Ruzafa.
- 26/07/2023 13:55:00

Thanks as always, I have already proposed a talk in the form. Be aware that the link is not complete (final L is missing in the link) so you have to complete it manually in order to access it


See you in november


El mié, 26 jul 2023 a la(s) 00:01, Rebecca Gellatly ( escribió:
Hello OCA Community.

I hope this finds you all well.

We are gearing for a great OCA Days 2023 but we would love some help from you.

This was an area that last year we felt could certainly use more attention - we want to make this great for you! Would anyone be keen to join a workgroup to help make this part of the event a success? You can either email or reply directly to this email and we'll get things rolling.

Now is the time to share your talk proposals - deadline for this is 15th September. Have you got a cool new module, an update of an existing module, a case study, training, tutorials, discussion topics.....? Submit your proposals here:
Remember this year we will also have a functional track so please share your topics!

Did you know it is the same price to become a member and register for the OCA Days as it is to register for just the non-member ticket? 
You can still become a 2023 member and then just book your member event registration for the OCA Days. If you aren't sure if you have bought a membership this year, please get in touch with me (

We can't wait to see everyone to celebrate 10 years of the OCA! Lets continue to share knowledge and learn as a community. Making Odoo mightier, together.

Take care,
Rebecca Gellatly
General Secretary
Odoo Community Association

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