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Re: OCA Days 2023 - can you help?

Therp, Tom Blauwendraat
- 26/07/2023 14:11:00

Hi Rebecca!

I wont be doing a talk this year, but I can host a workgroup related to the "tools" repositories, as part of my PSC membership there. I'd love to spend my 2 days hacking around with other people who have an interest in modules in that repository, to share ideas, get things merged, etc. The range of modules there is quite broad. If you need me to prepare a text, I can send it.

I think we're also happy to arrive a bit earlier like last time and help to set up things, but if you have more workgroups that need members, please share

On 7/26/23 05:01, Rebecca Gellatly wrote:
Hello OCA Community.

I hope this finds you all well.

We are gearing for a great OCA Days 2023 but we would love some help from you.

This was an area that last year we felt could certainly use more attention - we want to make this great for you! Would anyone be keen to join a workgroup to help make this part of the event a success? You can either email or reply directly to this email and we'll get things rolling.

Now is the time to share your talk proposals - deadline for this is 15th September. Have you got a cool new module, an update of an existing module, a case study, training, tutorials, discussion topics.....? Submit your proposals here:
Remember this year we will also have a functional track so please share your topics!

Did you know it is the same price to become a member and register for the OCA Days as it is to register for just the non-member ticket? 
You can still become a 2023 member and then just book your member event registration for the OCA Days. If you aren't sure if you have bought a membership this year, please get in touch with me (

We can't wait to see everyone to celebrate 10 years of the OCA! Lets continue to share knowledge and learn as a community. Making Odoo mightier, together.

Take care,
Rebecca Gellatly
General Secretary
Odoo Community Association

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