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Re: Packaging in the warehouse

BCIM srl, Jacques-Etienne Baudoux
- 29/06/2023 00:31:20
Hi Radovan,

Look at the OCA packaging modules in for better stock integration of product packaging.
I would not use the product_seconday_unit module as, by definition, a packaging is not a unit of measure.


Le mer. 28 juin 2023 à 23:42, Radovan Skolnik <> a écrit :
Hello David,

I have gone through the code but I somehow fail to see how secondary unit could be used for the purpose. I could see the incoming package in a secondary UoM? Not sure I follow here. What would represent a 50kg bag (packaging) of rice (product)?

On the other hand, your suggestion for the other question (stock.quant.package and stock.package.type) seem quite relevant here. It would seem to me that stock.quant.package references:
A) stock.quant which in turn reference product_id (rice in this case)
B) stock.package.type which represents the kind of bag the rice is put into

The stock.package.type however does not limit the "amount" (in UoM) of stock.quant present in it, so not a perfect solution.

Or maybe I am missing something here. Would be happy if you explained further.

Best regards,