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Multi Tenant Self Hosted Enviroments

- 20/05/2023 19:44:13

      I have been struggling to set up a multi-tenant, self hosted
Odoo environment.   The purpose of multi-tenant in my deployment, I am
referring to having multiple clients, who will each want to "own" and
manage their instance / database of Odoo.   That is, being able to set
up multiple websites, shops, with consolidated invoicing and services
already provided by Odoo.

      I understand that I can set up separate VMs which would each
point to a specific database.   But it would require additional
resources to deploy each VM to maintain the OS instances required.
As a result, I am looking to consolidate the deployments as much as
possible.   This way I can configure clients and then break them out
if/when it's needed.

     I am running Odoo 16, self hosted.   I started to go down the
path to try and force clients to use their specific domain name, but
that became an issue because dbfilter can associate between a fully
qualified hostname, or just the hostname itself.   It wasn't built to
go the other direction.   Then I ran into the problem of a client
needing to use multiple domains and how to associate them to their
respective databases.   I tried to do much of this logic within nginx,
but even then I ran into problems with modifying HTTP headers and then
losing the desired outcome.

     Does anybody know if I'm missing something, or would I really
have to kickoff an Odoo instance for each client with their own
distributed TLS/SSL cert, DB and front-end server ?   I would really
like to find a solution that would scale and I know a lot of people
have made it scale.  I'm just missing some pieces to do the same.

Thank you,