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Phasing out Travis

Acsone SA/NV, Stéphane Bidoul
- 26/09/2022 15:20:42
Dear contributors,

As you may have noticed, we have been working towards moving our CI to GitHub actions over the past two years.

The solution has proved to be stable and is active for 15.0 and also for 14.0 in many repos, as well as a few others.

The time has now come to move to GitHub actions for more repos, in order to reduce OCA expenses.

To this end, PSC's are encouraged to progressively update/apply the repo templates on branches that don't use GitHub actions.yet.

The procedure is simple:

1. install pipx
2. if the repository has a `.copier-answers.yml` file, run `pipx run copier update`
3. if not, run `pipx run copier copy git+ .`
4. enter the repo slug, name and description, keep the default values for most other questions
5. accept and commit the changes as `Update dotfiles`
6. run `pre-commit run -a`, review and commit the changes as `Apply dotfiles`
7. /ocabot merge when green

A few tips:
  • By default the template checks development status and license compatibility of dependencies. There may be issues with older branches. If this proves problematic to solve, you can disable them by answering no to the corresponding questions. For more recent branches (14.0+), these checks are *mandatory*, so please don't disable them.
  • The most likely cause of failure is incorrectly declared external dependencies. Before Odoo 13, external_dependencies must use the package name as imported in the code, which can be different from the PyPI project name. In this case, you need to map the import name to the PyPI project name using external_dependencies_override in the corresponding, as explained in the setuptools-odoo documentation. In Odoo 13 and up, the PyPI project name (and minimum version) must be declared in the manifest external_dependencies.
  • The template supports branches 10.0 and up.
In the coming months we are going to progressively reduce the number of concurrent Travis builds, so such builds will be queued longer, giving some incentive to migrate older branches that are still active.

Thanks for your attention :) Do not hesitate to @ mention me in PRs where you need help to migrate.

Best regards,


Stéphane Bidoul
Founder and CTO