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Stock quant history

Pierre Verkest
- 03/04/2024 14:18:51
Dear contributors,

Using odoo 14.0, we would like to consult physical stock in the past date  for analysis and reporting. Consulting those stock should let user  to group and/or filter by product/location/lot information.

Odoo's stock module provide Inventory Report (which displays current stock: `stock.quant`s at now()) where users are able to click on the `Inventory at Date` button which redirect users to product view with selected date in context to re-compute quantities at that time without able to filter by lot.

I've seen `stock_quantity_history_location` and `stock_report_quantity_by_location` in OCA/stock-logistics-reporting repo but don't fit our needs.

Ideally we would like to recreate stock.quant for a given date according to a possible set of criteria set by the users (restricted by locations / lot / product).

Does anyone work on something like this on any odoo version? Does it make sense to suggest a new module `stock_quant_history like this in the OCA/stock-logistics-reporting repo? Any suggestions/advice you'll like to share are welcome!


Pierre Verkest
06 81 12 25 20
Github: petrus-v - Linkedin: pierre-verkest