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Re: Editing/Viewing attachments (mainly Word and Excel) directly on server without the need to download locally

Data Dance s.r.o., Radovan Skolnik
- 20/09/2020 21:06:31

One last question for today (I hope): if I understand it correctly, the role of Collabora / LibreOffice Online is to serve as WOPI server as well as to render (in browser) the GUI of Writer/Spreadsheets/Impress and allow for collaboration. I would give up on most of these - what I'd settle for would be to let users use their local installation of LibreOffice to directly edit files stored in Odoo (not to force them to download and reupload the file). I know WebDav could be used for this - so looking here for inspiration:

But I am wondering if it would not be enough to create minimal set of WOPI server endpoints to allow editing from desktop installation of LibreOffice? Or that is not WOPI client?


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On nedeľa 20. septembra 2020 20:46:05 CEST Holger Brunn wrote:

> > Thanx for info. Will check the code of both. Will have to make an instance

> > of 8.0 to be able to try it.


> note you need to change the document_wopi.client config parameter from demo

> data because this pointed to a libreoffice instance not available any more


> > Is there a reason in your opinion for this to depend on DMS (i.e. locking)

> > or it can be done independently of it? If it can be done independently,

> > should it be though?


> absolutely, this was just meant to get you going faster. In the end there

> should be one module to provide locking (that with some migration dms could

> use too) and one for the wopi stuff