Runboat - Concepts, architecture and operation
10/11/22, 10:00 AM - 10/11/22, 10:30 AM (+0200) (30 minutes)

Runboat - Concepts, architecture and operation
Stéphane Bidoul CTO  at Acsone SA/NV +32 2 888 31 20

Stéphane is a founding partner and CTO of ACSONE a Software Engineering company dedicated to crafting high quality solutions based on Open Source technologies. He is an elected board member of the Odoo Community Association and an active member of the Python Packaging Community.

The Odoo Community Association manages 200+ GItHub repositories containing thousands of high quality, peer-reviewed Open Source Odoo addons.

In order to facilitate the involvement of different contributor profiles, it is crucial to provide an efficient tool that lets functional contributors evaluate new addons and test proposed changes.

Historically, the OCA has been using a customized version of Odoo’s Runbot tool. Over time, it appeared that this solution was not the best fit for the OCA requirements, as we encountered scaling and operational issues, as well as difficulties to migrate due to the broadening scope and increased complexity of Runbot.

By taking a different approach leveraging kubernetes and the OCA CI container images, we could rapidly develop and deploy a new tool that better fits our needs and proves to be extremely reliable and performant after 9 months of operations.

This talk will describe the concepts, architecture and operational principles of Runboat.

This talk will be beneficial for potential users and contributors who consider deploying Runboat for their own needs.