Practical Introduction to DDMRP
Functional Presentation
Location: Track 1 - 10/16/20, 4:00 PM - 10/16/20, 4:30 PM (+0200) (30 minutes)

Practical Introduction to DDMRP
Luis F Miléo 553588763663

About the Speakers

Company team

Luis F Miléo

CEO & Founder of KMEE, Computer Engineer, working with Odoo since 2010, PSC of Odoo Brazilian Localization and Certified Demand Driven Planner Professional (DDPP).

Company team

Paulo de Freitas

MSc Eng, CPIM-Fellow, CSCP, DDPP

APICS and DDI master Instructor, over 35 years of experience in managing end-to-end Supply Chain projects in regional and global manufacturing industries, in executive and consulting positions. Founder of EPCS - Educação Profissional da Cadeia de Suprimentos, dedicated to the education of Supply Chain Management professionals.

MRP was created in 1965 and is a proven solution, however in many cases it brings inefficiencies or imposes a huge effort to keep it up to date. Since then, the world has changed and other methodologies have emerged, including an innovative one, called Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP), based on the principles of MRP, Lean, Theory of Constraints (ToC).

We invite all to know DDMRP, this innovative, simple approach that has added exceptional results. Typical post-deployment improvements: 
* Service level increase -> 2% to 26%
* Lead time reduction -> 7% to 66%
* Inventory reduction -> 17% to 45%

The Schedule: A theoretical overview and a demonstration of how it works in practice will be presented. From a set of modules created by ForgeFlow and available at OCA ( that change the behaviour of acquisitions and standard MRP to make Odoo even more powerful.