Odoo Developer Training: From Basis to First Module
Technical Training
Location: Track 1 - 10/15/20, 4:00 PM - 10/15/20, 5:30 PM (+0200) (1 hour 30 minutes)

Odoo Developer Training: From Basis to First Module
Luis Felipe Mileo http://www.kmee.com.br mileo@kmee.com.br 553588763663

CEO & Founder of KMEE, PSC of Odoo Brazilian Localization | DDPP | SAFe Agilist | Open Source Expert | Python Expert | E-Business & ERP Project Manager

In this training we will explain how to setup the environment and develop your first Odoo module.
We will create a docker-based environment and a module from scratch.
In our example module we will create an application for customer service management: with Kanban and personalized workflow, integration with email and sms.
In addition, we will provide an overview of some excellent tools made by the community that make development on Odoo even faster. And how to integrate your module with Odoo SA and OCA applications to accelerate value delivery.
This is an opportunity for you who already know Odoo but want to start developing.