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How to work for the OCA

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Once in a while, the OCA needs to perform work or achieve some objectives that is not his core competencies nor mission, or simply the OCA does not have the resources available. Therefore, the OCA Board may decide to request and pay external resources to help. So far, there are 2 ways to work for the OCA:

  • The OCA will fund some issues on Github and provide a monetary reward to someone performing the work. The OCA is currently using:
  • The OCA Board can also decide to issue a Request for Quotes. This page aims to document how the process works, where to find the documents, how to submit your quote, what are the criteria used to decide which resources will be awarded the contract and so on. If an information is missing, please let us know at rfq AT odoo-community DOT org.

Request for Quotes

You will find the current template of the OCA RFQ documents here: 

Once adapted for the specific work, the document will be sent on the contributors mailing list as well as posted on this page.

Open RFQs

  • You can find out more about what is happening at the OCA on our blog.

  • Follow @OdooCommunity on Twitter for future announcements.

Interest Confirmation

After receiving and reading the RFQ, we would like to get your feedback by answering these simple questions:
  • Will you be answering the RFQ? If not, why?
  • Do you have questions?
The idea is to remove all the barriers and have a maximum number of quotes. Also, if you will be quoting the work, this step will allow you to receive the questions and answers from others bidders, ensuring everybody has the same information.

Quote Submission

Your quote will need to be sent by email to rfq AT odoo-community DOT org, along with all the required documents and appendices listed on the RFQ. You may also need to provide a contract proposal unless specify otherwise by the RFQ.
All documents must be specified in international english. 
All monetary amounts must be provided in Euros.
Quotes received after the deadline will be disqualified and won't be considered for the award of the contract.
As a Swiss organization, the OCA contracts are governed under the law of Switzerland.


The OCA Board may ask you to present your quote and answer some questions to have further information. The OCA Board may ask you to submit a revised version of your quote after this step.

Contract Award

The contracts will be awarded based on the following criteria, in order of priority:
  1. Completion of the work
  2. Respect of deadlines
  3. Quality of the work
  4. Adequation with OCA values and mission
  5. Price
The OCA Board will announce publicly the winning bidder, his price and the list of other bidders on the contributors mailing list, in our blog and on this page.
The winning bidder will receive the signed contract and the first meeting will be scheduled with and by the OCA Board Member in charge of the contract.

Awarded Contracts

  • January 20th, 2020:  Migration of ww.odoo-community.org from Odoo 12 to Odoo 13. Awarded to Eficent/Tecnativa for €12,432. Thank you to Serpent Consulting for their bid. This project will commence later in 2020, if you are interested in accelerating the process, please get in touch about sponsorship.
  • January 20th, 2020: 2020 Graphic Designer. Awarded to Pixlelove for €30 per hour. Thank you to Serpent Consulting for their bid.
  • January 20th, 2020: 2019 General Secretary. Awarded to O4SB for €38 per hour

Milestones, Taxes and Payment Terms

Based upon the agreed contract and the accepted delivery by the OCA Board Member, the supplier will invoice the OCA in Euros with a net-30-days payment term. 
The OCA will pay via wire transfer. If the supplier prefers another payment method, the associated fees will be at his charge. The OCA only pays the agreed amount and the taxes.