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Project Steering Committees

We are organized in Project Steering Committee (PSC). Each PSC is responsible for:

  • deciding which modules to include or not
  • final approval of contributions
  • managing communication and encouraging collaboration
  • ensuring OCA Conventions

The OCA delegates to a PSC the organisational and operational aspects and they act as an autonomous entity. Various platforms are used to collaborate:

  • Github for code hosting and bug reports
  • Weblate for translations
  • Travis CI for continuous integration
  • Runbot for functional review and module evaluation

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How to join a Project Steering Committee?

Membership of a Project Steering Committee is based on meritocracy. To be accepted in a PSC, start by contributing, by suggesting pull requests and reviewing other's work. When significant work has been achieved, you can apply for a team by requesting your membership under the following conditions:

  • Must have done at least 10 reviews and prove your motivation
  • Must be sponsored by an existing reviewer
  • Application is sent by the sponsor to the email address below with links allowing its contributions to be evaluated
  • Must be contributing for 3 months
  • Application must be approved by Projects Steering Committee
You can apply for different PSCs, there is no limitation on being involved on various places as we do want to prevent silos to ensure uniformity.
Read more about our PSCs here.

Membership of a Project Steering Committee may be removed under the following conditions:
  • Disrespect of the guidelines
  • Misbehaviour
  • Removal approved by 3 others PSC members
  • No contributions or activities from the last 6 months

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