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Re: Migration to version 9

ClosingAp Open Source Integrators Europe, LDA, Daniel Reis
- 01/09/2015 00:05:16


And another one is that you cannot merge branch 8.0 against 9.0 for unported modules. If we solve the problem with Odoo loading some parts of uninstalled modules, I would prefer option 2 over 3. Option 1 is still my favourite, but has some drawbacks that we have solved also.

You can, using exactly the same method prescribed for option 2.
I tested that, and found a troubling issue affecting coth option 2 and 3:
Using `git checkout 8.0 -- module` command won't bring the change history after 9.0 was created.

Doing so will require some more sophisticated methods.
Some sort of partial rebase.
Probably that sends options 2 and 3 back to the git-filter path too.