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Re: Different hosting on runbot

Niboo, Samuel Lefever
- 31/08/2015 20:55:27
Pull request created :-)

Sam Lefever
+32 471 38 03 32

Le 31 août 2015 à 18:22, Moises Lopez <> a écrit :

Hello @Samuel,
Can you create a pull request to oca/runbot-addons?

2015-08-31 6:07 GMT-05:00 Samuel Lefever <>:

Hello Community,

Sylvain - (Eezee-it) and I have worked on a way to add multiple hosting in // to runbot.
The idea is to have an easy way to add new repository connector.
The module give also the ability to precise nested dependencies on a repository.

We have already done the multiple hosting layer and the github connector.
The bitbucket connector is on his way.

We would like to share our work with the community.
Could you give us your feedback?

Sam Lefever
+32 471 38 03 32

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