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Re: new API vs merges upwards

Pledra Netcom, Paul Catinean
- 31/07/2015 12:15:54
I'm with Pedro on this one, +1


On Fri, Jul 31, 2015 at 1:08 PM, <> wrote:
In some moment in the future, we need to break with old API, and forget to make merge upwards from 7 to 8. We can delay this moment, but when v9 wil be out, we shouldn't maintain the chain 7 > 8 > 9. I vote for breaking already in v8, and make 8 > 9 merge upwards, because new API brings a lot of new possibilities.


2015-07-31 11:52 GMT+02:00 Leonardo Pistone <>:
We hit this topic other times, but this time we have a practical example:

What happened is that the v7 of a module was improved, and in the
merge upwards of 7 to 8, I resolved the conflict choosing the v7
version. In that specific case I thought that I was just throwing away
two trivial new API lines for a big win.

I do not think there is a good solution to that. Even the solution of
porting the method to v8 is not ideal: the fresh v7 code is in
production somewhere, and if it breaks we'll sure post a fix, bringing
us back at square one. The new API port will be unused by us for the
moment, hiding new bugs for a while.

Odoo SA does upwards merges regularly, but only because they did very
little porting to the new API. In our case, I'm not sure if it's worth

What do you think on the subject?

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