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Operating unit details for Qweb reports

by "Ahmed@HAAT" <> - 26/09/2023 13:32:30
The module says to use custom operating unit headers for any report in Odoo.
When I go to report_qweb_operating_unit-\report_qweb_operating_unit\views\report_qweb_operating_unit.xml , I the code talking about logo, phone, email and web ... etc of the Operating Unit to be used instead of the company details
But actually I can not see where to add these 'operating unit' custom details?
If I go to Settings>operating units. to show any operating unit,  I can not find any extra fields except Name, Code , Partner and Company

It seems there is something I miss.
I'm asking because I want to use a custom header for the invoice pdf for every operating unit
I hope you give me advice.