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Re: LLN code sprint : working on account_financial_report_qweb

Tecnativa. S. L., Pedro M. Baeza
- 27/09/2018 08:45:11
For me, the work should be to remove all the SQL hell. That can be done with the same performance with `read_group` method + domains, and do it more maintainable than now, which every change means side effects, a lot of hours to debug, etc. We can discuss about this.

Any way, I think the "Current Year Earnings" you have mentioned is already fixed on v11.


El mié., 26 sept. 2018 a las 15:32, Alexis de Lattre (<>) escribió:
Dear OCA community friends,

I initially said that I would work on my beloved project OCA/edi during the LLN code sprint, but I eventually decided that I would work on the OCA module "account_financial_report_qweb" (for v10), because that are too many shortcoming that I want to tackle in the short term on this important module. Don't get me wrong : I would love to work on OCA/edi, but I think it's more important to improve "account_financial_report_qweb" because the experience of our customers and our own experience with Akretion's accounting show that we really need to improve the accounting reports.

My goals for this code sprint :
1) fix some pending usability issues, already started in this PR :
2) on the trial balance report, change the behavior for the account with type "Current Year Earnings", that always have debit = credit = 0 even when you have a journal entry for benefit distribution, which is completely wrong !
3) on the trial balance report, add a new option enabled by default "Hide account with start bal/credit/debit/end balance at 0" (or, if other agree, replace the option "Hide account ending balance at 0" with that new option).
4) on the trial balance, add a column "variation" (= debit - credit), so that you can easily see the variation on the selected date range (very useful for charge and revenue accounts)
5) on the trial balance, add an option to have subtotal lines based on the N first digits (disabled by default ; N will be an option of the wizard). For example, if you ask for a trial balance with subtotal for 2 first digits, you would get :
101200 : regular
101300 : regular
10xxxx : subtotal
111400 : regular
112100 : regular
11xxxx : subtotal
1xxxxx : subtotal
201100 : regular
201200 : regular
20xxxx : subtotal
215000 : regular
216000 : regular
21xxxx : subtotal
2xxxxxx : subtotal

If some guys want to join me working on account_financial_report_qweb, you would be more than welcomed.
If you disagree with some of the 5 changes I propose above, please tell me before we start the development.

Hope to see you next week at LLN,

Alexis de Lattre

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