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Re: Welcoming new contributions, Favoring innovation Let's enhance our community !

ClosingAp Open Source Integrators Europe, LDA, Daniel Reis
- 26/09/2018 19:24:56
Citando David Arnold <>:

> Good move towards making OCA a more attractive / vivid place for  

> contributors, but there is still way to go:    Biggest constraint so  

> far for casual contribution has been that there is no shared  

> history, when I use a OCA module as a library.


> Therefore the following situation:


> - I copy the OCA module

> - I fix it in my working tree

> - I go for a swim instead of replicating the fix and contributing  

> upstream, because the whole setup is just too cumbersome.

I'm sorry to disappoint you David, but the new workflow won't fix that  
use case.
If your local fix is not proposed to the OCA branch, it won't land  
there and your tree will still diverge from the upstream OCA.