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Re: Best practice add optional="show" when adding fields in tree views

Sicurpharma Srl, Francesco Foresti
- 14/09/2023 18:18:20
I also agree with the request from a functional standpoint: especially in big repos like sale-workflow, there should be a specific attention on:

- preserving ux of runboat 

allowing to hide non-required fields in list views is particularly useful in this regard, eg. sale order lines 

- avoiding publishing modules disrupting base functional testing (eg: confirming an order, creating an invoice...)

This can be achieved by adding settings enabling the "intrusive" behavior, by not using standard records such as "Azure interior" for testing but creating a specifically named record, and in general by trying to leave runboat as it was found on a functional level :)

My 2 cents!


Il giorno mar 29 ago 2023 alle ore 11:01 Ronald Portier <> ha scritto:
Thanks Pedro, we are in complete agreement then.

Regards, Ronald

Op 29-08-2023 om 10:42 schreef Pedro M. Baeza:

> Sorry, my bad. I don't know why, I read optional="hide". It's OK to 

> put optional="show", but I would leave out of the equation mandatory 

> fields without default, or those protected with a group, as the group 

> is already the filtering method for not showing them.


> Regards.


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