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Re: A (hope not stupid) question about wire transfer payment transactions

Tecnativa. S. L., David Vidal
- 13/09/2023 17:25:04
As far as I know it serves just informative purposes (i.e. portal views of the documents show that they're pending unless confirmed/payed. But yes, I'd also expect it to have at least a way to confirm those transactions manually

El mié, 13 sept 2023 a las 9:47, Radovan Skolnik (<>) escribió:

hope this will not be a stupid question - I searched through all the Odoo sources, all OCA modules but couldn't find any answer. The scenario is really simple: Wire Transfer (payment_custom in 16.0, payment_transfer in previous versions) is selected as payment provider in e-shop (website_sale). Payment transcation (payment.transaction) object is created in Pending state. The question is: is there anything anywhere that would change its state to Confirmed (done)? I would assume imported bank statements could but I cannot see that anywhere (was mainly looking for _set_done() method calls but tried other means of search as well). Would be greateful if somebody shed some light on this for me.

Thank you very much. Best regards

	Radovan Skolnik

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