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2018 OCA Days - Call for Topics

Open Source Integrators, Maxime Chambreuil
- 13/08/2018 19:43:38
Dear Contributors,

The 2018 OCA Days are approaching. We hope you all have your tickets to Louvain-la-Neuve. This year, you will find 3 tracks:
  1. Discussing Track (30 min)
  2. Training Track (1.5h)
  3. Coding/Reviewing/Translating Track (2 days)
Discussion Track 
Meant to openly discuss a subject of your choice with people interested in it. It is a kind of debate.
Good examples would be: Implementation method for SMEs, What would be the future of the XY project/module, Best approach to deploy Odoo, etc..
Training track 
Meant to train people to one specific sets of module or practices. The track can be either technical or functional. 
Good examples would be: OCA review process, DDMRP functional intro, Queue job technical introduction, Use OCA cms_form to build webpage, etc..

Coding/Reviewing/Translating Track
Meant to work on a specific topic with other coders. Those tracks are generally lasting for the whole 2 days and offer an opportunity to move a project forward.
Good example would be: Github Bot improvements, MIS builder port to v12, Review logistics PRs, Your first OCA contribution, etc..

To submit your topics, please fill in the following survey:

If selection needs to be made, we will favor OCA-related topics for newcomers.

Thank you and see you in Belgium!


O: 1.855.877.2377 EXT. 710
M: 602.427.5632
P.O. BOX 940, HIGLEY, AZ 85236