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Re: Odoo POS printer, compitability issues. iPad connection with Epson TM-M30II Thermal Printer.

Open Architects Consulting, Houssine BAKKALI
- 31/08/2023 15:30:48
As stated David, you can use the epson natively with Odoo using the ip address. The usb barcode scanner can be directly plugged on the tablet.

For a customer experience, except in some cases (flying POS), I always avoid using a tablet for a POS station. I always go for a touchscreen pc, that also ease the remote support after the go live.

Le jeu. 31 août 2023 à 13:02, David Vidal <> a écrit :
You've got the core pos_epson_printer that can work directly against your printer if it supports ePOS. More info:

El jue, 31 ago 2023 a las 11:57, Nikita chhatbar (<>) escribió:
Hello All,

In odoo version 16 currently, we wanted to connect POS with the printer and barcode scanner.
Hardware details:
Ipad: version 16.6, 6th generation.
Printer: Epson TM-M30II Thermal (Connectivity
Interface: Bluetooth 3.0 EDR, LAN, WiFi)
Barcode: Xenon ultra 1960 Scanner

Is this printer and barcode compatible with IoT Box and iPad?

(FYI: We don't have an IoT Box as of now, have a normal adapter/connector to connect the iPad and wired barcode. For the printer we have a Wi-Fi option.)
Facing the issue 

In Chrome, I tried "Allow invalid certificates for resources loaded from localhost." but nothing worked.

Thank you.

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