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Re: Best practice add optional="show" when adding fields in tree views

by "Ronald Portier" <> - 29/08/2023 10:22:27
Hi Pedro,

Maybe it is me, but I am missing the point of what you are saying. On 
the one hand you are saying the proposed practice of making extra fields 
in a tree view is not a good practice, but then you say the needed extra 
fields need to be optional="show" or not optional.

In general I think using optional="show" for newly added fields is a 
good practice, unless there are reasons in a feature/module that demand 
the field always visible even in the tree view.

So maybe you can expand a bit of what you where saying, as I am open to 
the arguments.

Kind regards, Ronald

Op 29-08-2023 om 09:36 schreef Pedro M. Baeza:

> It's not a good practice, as when you install a module that is adding 

> a feature, such a feature may require extra fields for its definition, 

> so they need to be optional="show" or directly not optional from the 

> moment you install it. On runbot, as all modules are installed, you 

> have a lot of columns, but it's the price to pay for having this 

> automated build system.


> Regards.


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