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Best practice add optional="show" when adding fields in tree views

Moduon Team, S. L., Rafael Blasco (Moduon)
- 28/08/2023 18:47:31

Hello Contributors!


I love to have your opinions here.


I would recommend to PSC to review when migrating modules to ask authors for adding -> optional="show" <- to the fields they add. In order to be possible to hide.


This is our sale-workflow runbot talking about sale order lines (NOTE: in v16!! In v15 is simply impossible to test anything without uninstalling 12-15 modules to have something we can call “VIEW” 😃 )



This is the best we could have.



Fields that cannot be hidden:


  • Sequence2
  • Lot_id
  • Elaborations_ids
  • Elaboration_note


This best practice could apply to sale.order.lines, and all the lines in general, lis invoice lines, stock picking lines, etc…


Has it any sense for you?


Best regards,

Rafael Blasco

Moduon Team