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Re: Call for contribution: Installation methods

Tecnativa. S. L., Jairo Llopis
- 02/05/2018 09:59:48
# The Doodba way

[Doodba]( solves these problems for you:

- Provide a standard project layout, where "project" is the combination of Odoo + addons + dependencies + patches for any of them.
- Provide short, easy to use, [docker-based QA tools](
- Give you full flexibility without losing safety.
- Get up and running in minutes.
- Include all dependencies you will need.
- Support a "Pull Request First" workflow for your team, taking full benefit of OCA's expertise and infrastructure from first commit.
- Separate development, testing and production environments, sharing everything except for the strictly needed differences.
- ... And many more!

To use it, [follow these instructions]( See the full README for more info.

2018-05-01 4:32 GMT+01:00 Eric Caudal <>:


I have created a blog post to introduce simple methods to install OCA modules, available here:

Besides, I would like to create a more permanent page in our website with a catalog of simple methods for set up. I am thinking to include for example about other Docker initiatives (Tecnativa, Vauxoo), Buildout recipes, improved pypi example, etc.

I would like to gather from the community contributions that I could include in the page.

These How-to should be basic instructions targeting new comers to install and use OCA modules.

Objective is to create a catalog of how-to and summaries: user should only have to copy/paste some instructions and get started without questions. It is not in the objective to repeat complete/complex instructions that can be found elsewhere.

Here are the guidelines (following the one I wrote for Docker in the blog):

* The method should be simple and short (no need to include standard software set up)

* The method should be self contained (except obvious dependencies like docker, pip etc.)

* The method should provide all necessary links to further set up or advanced information.

Please send me or in this mailing list your contributions as simple texts in rst or md so that I can include them later in the page.


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