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Re: Partner unicity

Holger Brunn
- 18/04/2018 09:56:37
> All ideas and experiences are welcomed before I start to write modules

> on this topic. I haven't searched deeply if there are existing OCA

> modules on this topic, so please mention them if you know some.

as other people wrote, a one size fits it all will be difficult I guess.
For one customer, I have an onchange on all relevant fields, and then
using, I return
a popup with possible matches if I found any, allowing the user to
either take over already filled in values to the existing partner, or
click the message away and continue filling in the presumably new
This is all hardcoded specific to the customer, but I think a little
configuration about which fields should be unique, fuzzy matched etc
shouldn't be so difficult to implement. And then we also won't end up
with a plethora of partner_*_unique modules.
In newer Odoo versions I'd probably beef up to allow user
interaction in the popup, and do the notification in a less intrusive way.

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