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Re: product.ul and packaging in v9/v10+

Alexinux, Alexis de Lattre
- 03/04/2018 18:47:02
Thanks for all your answers and valuable input. Following your advice, I choose option 1 and created a new module stock_product_ul, available in this PR : 

The PR also contains the port of the module "stock_packaging_usability_ul" to v10, to make it easy to test both modules together.

The module stock_product_ul restores the product.ul object and also the M2O from stock.quant.package to product.ul. I choose not to restore the 'ul' related fields on product.packaging (cf because I doubt it is really used in real-life. But, if it is used in real-life by some of you, I'll add them to the module stock_product_ul.

One small detail : in v8, the fields height/width/length of product.ul didn't have any unit of measure (cm ? m ? mm ?), neither in the label of the field nor in the help message. I decided to explicitely state that these fields are in cm, because I think that cm is the right unit of measure to describe the size of a package.