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Re: Member of Accounting Maintainers PSC

Opener B.V., Stefan Rijnhart
- 02/04/2018 09:56:42
On 04/01/2018 09:31 AM, Eric Caudal wrote:

Hi Everybody,

As promised, I have designed this short survey to help answer the question :)

Thank you! I kind of miss an overview of what people voted before me and the option to put in a testimonial (like Jordi's "Fekete has a fastly growing record track of contributions and reviews. It will clearly be an asset to the accounting maintainers team!" elsewhere in this thread). I also don't like all the clicks involved. So I would prefer for the survey to show up as a form with a list of previously filed records (name, verdict, comment), a yes/no toggle and a comment box for one's own verdict plus submit button.