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[18248] Talk on the OCA at Chemnitzer Linuxtage 2018 / 9-10.3.2018 / Please contribute

InitOS GmbH, Frederik Kramer
- 27/02/2018 19:43:14
Dear fellow OCA members, 

as some of you might have realized i proposed a talk to this years "Chemnitzer Linuxtage".
After "Linuxtag" has been abandoned some years ago this is the single most influencing event
on German soil (though there are certainly much bigger ones such as FOSDEM in Europe). However
among 3000 people will visit this event from very diverse backgrounds 
(though mostly OSS enthusiasts like me)

For the pressured among you please contribute your valuable thoughts directly here

or for the full picture on my plans and type required contribution read the full mail and contribute than.

I have personally hold talks there twice in the past but this time i wanted to make the OCA
more visible in the German community and in the same time influence an exchange on proper 
community management and its challenges. Now, that i am certainly not one of the most active
members of the OCA myself i'd give all those a voice that make this wonderful community such 
a success by 

1.) explaining what the OCA is
2.) what role the OCA plays in the Odoo ecosystem
3.) what challenges it is facing with regard to 

-- leadership (by contribution and example)
-- members (with opinions and feelings)
-- its own organisation / administration (from marketing to servers)
-- contributors (from code to marketing and spreading the word)
-- reviewers (from scarcity to the beautifulness of proper code quality)
-- business people (from free riders to willing contributors without community experience and proper tools) 
-- the vendor (between an outstanding idea and the influence of venture capital to strategy and product development)
-- the great global experience (between local problems and global solution / communication among friends and partners)

4.) and how it currently works in the OCA

My goal is to

1.) explain the organizational setting and its underpinnings of the OCA
2.) The importance of proper tools, structure and (thought and code) leadership
3.) The value of reputation through work in a community (for the personal as well as organizational tenure)
4.) The value for a sustaining society

to ultimately

1.) Celebrate the beauty of this community in all its facets by naming people that i know and that contribute massively and proactively
by also shedding a light on their role, their expertise and their contributions
2.) Spreading the word on OCA here in Germany
3.) Explaining how one can contribute
4.) Why ERP and Odoo is far more than SAP may provide and far more HOT SHIT than some may think
5.) Why one of the most amazing and largest community i know is contributing to such a global success
6.) Why it is a good idea to become part of it

Now that the me and you made it through this (sorry for that) again lengthy E-Mail, i ask everybody involved
to what extend ever to share with me, who, what and why something / somebody should be part of my talk in order to 
render this our "shared" experience and not only my personal view. I need your contribution by not later than 7.3.2018 by direct
contribution to the following Google Docs, via direct mail (, direct or public tweet (
), phone call +49 179 3901819 or if you wish even air mail.

Thanks to all of you in advance for your enduring love of the OCA

Cheers Frederik

P.S.: Thank you all in advance for your valuable time and contributions

Dr.-Ing. Frederik Kramer
initOS GmbH
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