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[ADD][11.0] Pull requests of project agile project and it's satellite modules (a.k.a. Scrummer)

Modoolar, Petar Najman
- 24/02/2018 05:44:48
Dear OCA Contributors,

Hello, how are you? I hope you all are doing well and cheering for the upcoming weekend :)

After some time, we made our first contribution and while it took more time than we initially planned we are finally here with code fully migrated to Odoo v11.
Initial challenge of writing the code, migrating it to v11 and finally releasing it to OCA came to its end.
Now we are all faced with another challenge and that's code review of the 26 modules listed below, before we can continue adding new features.

The "inner" challenge which comes to my mind is integration of these modules with other OCA modules especially in cases where we have overlapping/similarity with the existing ones.
Having said that, please, during code review have in mind that each and every module here has it's own place in the project-agile jigsaw puzzle, and of course, it needs to fit within OCA universe as well.

I hope this email will help people who were involved with the project from its initiation to refresh their memories and get familiar with the changes we made in the meantime,
also I hope it will help newcomers to get the bigger picture and not get lost within all this PRs.

Being such a big pile of modules, I've created PRs for each and every module against proper OCA repositories.

Anyhow, without any further ado, I would like to kindly ask all of you to help us with code review of the modules listed below.

Pull requests from OCA project-agile repository:
  1. project_agile:
  2. project_agile_analytic:
  3. project_agile_kanban:
  4. project_agile_scrum:
  5. project_agile_workflow_transitions_by_task_type:
  6. project_agile_jira:
  7. lira:
  8. lira_kaban:
  9. lira_scrum:
  10. lira_workflow_security:
  11. lira_transition_by_task_type:
  12. lira_git:

Pull requests from OCA web repository:
  1. web_ir_actions_act_multi:
  2. web_ir_actions_act_view_reload:
  3. web_diagram_position:
  4. web_widget_image_url:
  5. web_syncer:

At the end I would like to take a chance to say thanks to couple of people whom already involved themselves with code reviews:

Thanks guys, your help means a lot and I hope you'll stay involved.

Kind Regards,

Petar Najman
Office: +381 11  405 50 44
Mobile: +381 60 625 62 62