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Re: Development environment

DIXMIT Consulting SLU, Enric Tobella Alomar
- 18/08/2023 07:38:39
+1 we have been using doodba for a year and it works like a charm

On Fri, 18 Aug 2023, 07:37 David Vidal, <> wrote:
About Doodba, I'd recommend you to use the copier template project builder: Following the instructions you'll have an environment in just a few minutes. And if you're already costumed to docker compose for your deployments you'll find it quite easy to get in.

El jue, 17 ago 2023 a las 18:18, tblauwendraat (<>) escribió:
For us we've forked Doodba into for the purpose of easily building customer environments on localhost. Previously we used the anybox buildout recipe. You can look at all three of these (Doodba, waft, anybox) and see if its helpful for you

17 aug. 2023 11:42:19 Sylvain Caron <>:


My name is Sylvain.

I would like to know about creating an Odoo local environment, because I want to be more efficient in the development of the modules, than on
I can already launch my server with Odoo, Odoo enterprise and my custom_addons.

However I have other problems like updating the code live, I have to constantly restart the server. I saw that there were default parameters for development like: --dev=reload using the "watchdog" lib, except that after 2 3 refresh the server shuts down.

I have already used and its editor, and Python recompiles well with each change, so this is doable

Same for Owl components, I find it crazy that in 2023 there is no auto refresh, so I am looking for the most optimized solution for Odoo module development.

Do you have an installation guide for local development?
The development by Docker is perhaps simpler?

Some additional information:

I am on windows
VScode, and I'm using vscode launch.js configs for Odoo server

Thanks in advance


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