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Re: enhanced wikipedia page

Elico Corp, Eric Caudal
- 29/01/2018 01:35:48

Tom it makes sense on the short term. A reputation though is to be built on the long term with multiple sources and efforts.
Still the right way to start

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Date:  Sat, Jan 27, 2018 09:02 PM
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Subject:  Re: enhanced wikipedia page
Hi all,

I think Eric's suggestion is very good for the long term, but:
1) Currently we don't even have a Wikipedia page, I think at least a small one is possible with the references we can muster now
2) Other Wikipedia pages eg. the one from Apache Foundation don't use any references to mainstream media, most are references to documents they host themselves. So I think Wikipedia is trying to uphold a higher standard for new articles as compared to articles that are already there.

My proposal is to change strategy: we submit a very small (one or two sentences/paragraphs) basic article with the few solid references we have (books, OCA charter) etc.
Then, when it gets accepted, we slowly add sentences, one by one, on it. So it will be managable for the volunteers, like, just do one sentence when you feel you have the energy... plus it's not that demotivating to see your whole text rejected as a whole.

I would be willing to submit the first sentence - Xavier maybe after that you can add the second? Any other willing to help?


On Fri, Jan 26, 2018 at 2:16 PM, Xavier Brochard <> wrote:
I would like to help about writing general presentation. I already do that in french to introduce OCA to friends. It will also help me to understand what OCA do which is not allways clear from website. Regards Xavier Brochard (Please CC me as I'm not an OCA member) Le 13 janvier 2018, Elico Corp, Eric Caudal has writed : > Hi, > This is something that we need to fix at board level with better coordinated PR actions. > > We have hired a new General Secretary (Rebecca Gellatly) to help the board in the daily tasks and this might be a good opportunity to start spreading the good word. > > We should write articles (as neutral as possible) that we should propose to Internet magazines. > > I do not want to hijack roles (Daniel Reis and Dave Lasley are responsible of marketing and Communication) but it wouldnot hurt if some volunteers could write general presentation (like the one for Wikipedia) or dedicated article and others to list potential general magazines or expert reviews where we could post them. > > It will take probably a year or 2 before we get a "reputation" on the Internet so that we can safely post on Wikipedia. > > > Your thoughts? > -- > Eric Caudal [Founder and CEO] > Le vendredi 12 janvier 2018, 18:03:19 CET Tom Blauwendraat a écrit : > There seem to be really few sources available, so that's an issue. > > I do think we can refer to newspaper articles in other languages though - > so maybe there has been some coverage in Belgian, French, Spanish or Dutch > newspapers? > Also perhaps we can refer to the Odoo books, if OCA is mentioned in them. > Books are reputable sources of information. > > Tom > > > > On Fri, Jan 12, 2018 at 12:32 PM, Xavier Brochard <> > > wrote: > > The draft was rejected again by Wikipedia (Tom's improvement were not yet > > on wikipedia). The main reason is notability and reference. > > The reviewer left me this additional comment : > > "References to blogs and niche online sources do not constitute widespread > > media coverage." > > So we need better references. I have some from CNET and ZDNET but in > > french > > only. > > > > Xavier > > > > Le mercredi 10 janvier 2018, 22:56:33 CET Tom Blauwendraat a écrit : > > > Yes i left out the references, but i think if we mix my text with your > > > references we can be a long way. Lets wait for comments from other > > > contributors. > > > > > > Op 10 jan. 2018 9:55 PM schreef "Xavier Brochard" <>: > > > > Your version is very good, far better than mine. > > > > > > > > 2 things : > > > > I would extend OCB explanations but it can be done later. > > > > Don't forget to keep some references that are outside OCA (they are > > > > required). > >
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