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Re: Development environment

MetricWise, Inc., Adam Heinz
- 17/08/2023 17:33:27
On Thu, Aug 17, 2023 at 5:42 AM Sylvain Caron <> wrote:
However I have other problems like updating the code live, I have to constantly restart the server. I saw that there were default parameters for development like: --dev=reload using the "watchdog" lib, except that after 2 3 refresh the server shuts down.

I find that the shut down is specifically caused by saving a second time in quick succession; essentially triggering a dev reload while one is already in progress. Work slower or fight the habit to save. ;-)
Same for Owl components, I find it crazy that in 2023 there is no auto refresh, so I am looking for the most optimized solution for Odoo module development.

For this one, I either test as admin in full debug assets mode (add ?debug=assets to your URL) or I manually regenerate the assets bundle in ?debug=1 mode with Bug icon > Regenerate Assets Bundles.
The development by Docker is perhaps simpler?

I went the container route with You can just mount your custom modules and off you go and dev reload still works.