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Server-tools split environment related modules

Camptocamp SA, Yannick Payot
- 29/11/2017 13:26:25

I'm just looking for other opinions about having specific environment ('dev', 'test', 'qa', 'prod', ...)
modules in it's own project repository.

Here are the modules:


What about creating a OCA/server-env project ?

(I propose the short env as it is clear what it means and we already have server-ux which didn't bother anyone)

Here are some PR which were already made for those modules but not merged yet:

It would be the right time to forward them to a new project repository.

Why should we do it ?
- We wanted to split the repo which dragged to many addons as being too generic.
- Environment related addons might grow
- it's a topic on itself

Why we shouldn't?
- we don't want too many repositories
- server-environment is a well know module and has always been in server-tools

(not sure there is a dedicated mailing list for server-* topic)

Yannick Vaucher
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