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Re: Overtime calculation in Odoo 15 and OCA

Holger Brunn
- 07/08/2023 18:58:38
> I am eagerly looking forward to collaborating with others, sharing

> information, and exchanging experiences regarding overtime in Odoo 15.0

by now I've created as a 
proposal to have a minimal module that makes it so that

overtime = (worked hours) - (hours according to work calendar)

for every day, thus also days without attendances.

Further modules could be built on top of that, but I think it's worthwhile to 
have an OCA module that just implements the above promise.

I chose the clumsy name because hr_attendance_overtime is already claimed, if 
somebody has a better idea, I'll be happy to rename this.

Let's have further discussion on the PR for everyone who is interested in a 
module with the above goal.

Your partner for the hard Odoo problems