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Re: Odoo Scrummer - run your projects by Scrum in Odoo

Elico Corp, Eric Caudal
- 18/10/2017 11:55:12

Hi Igor,

Thanks for the initiative and proposal! I missed your presentation unfortunately...

I have created a suite for Business Requirement management ( in circumstances similar to yours.

For this, we have a separate repo from project (I recommend the same for you). You could still be responsible for the management of the repo (following the general rules of OCA about guidelines, merging etc.).

For the license, LGPLv3 is fine for OCA (and probably recommended in your case if you want to maintain private modules).

To be noted that if you decide to move to the OCA, you will have to sign a CLA giving the right to the OCA for license change if necessary. In general, your work will become public work and might have to follow community discussions (this is a little bit different than been alone at the steering wheel: personally never had problems for the Bus. Req. development). As initiator and promoter of the module set, I see no problem for you to stay in command and manage the repo as main lead though.

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On 10/18/2017 05:32 PM, Igor Jovanovic wrote:
<blockquote type="cite" cite="">

Dear community,

My name is Igor Jovanovic, from a company called Modoolar. Since quite a while, our company has been working on the project called Odoo Scrummer - project management extensions for Odoo v10 which allows you to run your projects fully agile in Odoo. Even beside a great effort we had in order to build Scummer, we have decided to release it for free and help other companies/partners and their teams work by Scrum in Odoo. However, there are some questions which I would like to consider before we decide how to proceed. Also, considering the fact that this is our first open source project, i believe it is wise to involve the community in the early stage and hear someone else's opinion as well.

General idea

In order to get a better feeling on the product, we have released a promo video, so please check it out:

We want to make Odoo Scrummer a mature agile project management tool, hence we have defined a product roadmap which we plan to follow in future. The tempo of work will depend on the resource availability but we plan to always have some level of capacity locked for this project no matter of other commercial projects in the company.

Commercial aspect

So far, Modoolar has been financing the product development process and we plan to continue with that in future. However, we were thinking of commercial aspect as well and came up with the following plan:

  • Odoo Scrummer will be released for free so everyone can use it in their own companies and/or implement with their clients. Modoolar will provide bug fixing, but also follow the proposed product development roadmap. All that work will also be released for free under the same terms as the Scrummer itself.

  • There are some points that we don't want to give away for free, and that mainly targets the business processes and our company's know-how in implementing Scrum for various businesses. For that purpose, we plan to have a separate private repository and extension modules which would work on top of the Scrummer. Moreover, we plan to provide coaching and training services in PM so we need a tool as Scrummer, considering that our primary platform is Odoo which does not provide agile PM out of the box.

Release plan

We are currently testing and bug fixing Scrummer internally. At this moment, one team (out of tree) is using Scrummer on daily basis and in the 1st half of November, we plan to publicly release the code as a beta version. We hope by the end of the year, the whole company would switch to Scrummer as a primary PM tool. Our current focus is Odoo enterprise version 10 and we plan to port it to enterprise v11.

Our expectations

It`s not in our plan to drop the code to the OCA and disappear, but rather to get a feedback, (hopefully) constructive ideas for the future roadmap and trigger some constructive discussions in order to build mature PM tool that everyone can use. Therefore, we hope to get a separate repository under OCA that we could maintain and work with. During this last Odoo Experience, we gave 2 talks presenting the Scrummer and later a lot of people approached us, offering a help in testing and further development. We appreciate this, and from our perspective, everyone is more than welcome to participate, especially if that person is willing to stick to the product roadmap.


Finally, I would appreciate hearing your opinion on the following questions:

  1. OCA or our Github maintained repository? Practical pros and cons?

  2. The license we should use? At the moment, we consider using LGPLv3, but what might be alternatives? Practical pros and cons?

  3. Can we have a separate project under OCA umbrella instead of merging it to oca/project repo? Who decides this and based on which criteria?

  4. Who steers the project once when it lands under OCA umbrella? Can we still be in charge for the further development process and coordinate community efforts or there is some other mechanism?

Thanks much and hope to hear from you soon.



1. Technical information

At the moment, Scrummer repo consists of the following modules:

Module name

Short description


Base Scrummer module


Addon module which brings workflow transition security settings in Scrummer UI


addon module which brings workflow transition task type routing in Scrummer UI


Addon module for tracking task analytics


Integration with github, gitlab and bitbucket by linking tasks and commits


Simplified version of migration module to help users migrate tasks from JIRA into Odoo.


Addon module which brings new workflow mechanism around project.task. We didn't use standard Odoo workflow in order not to break the standard PM processes in Odoo.


Addon module for project_workflow which brings security settings for workflow transitions


Addon module for project_workflow which brings some kind of routing options for workflow transitions by configuring transitions for specific task types. Very usefully for complex workflow


Addon module for “web_diagram” which helps us to keep positions of the workflow elements as-is


ActionManager extension module to allow sequential execution of a list of actions


ActionManager extension module to allow reload of the currently displayed view without reloading the complete page


Display image from URL in a form or list view by using ``image-url`` field and column widget

2. Roadmap

Please check out the rough roadmap just for the reference - more detailed one will be revealed with the source code.

  • Improve item sync in multi-team simultaneous planning (longpooling) - in progress

  • Front-end code refactoring

  • Back-end code refactoring

  • Implement basic security in Scrummer based on Odoo ACL settings

  • Add Scrum reports (ie. epic/sprint burndown chart, team performance)

  • Add Meeting management (reminders, calendars)

  • Add Release planning module

  • Add bug backlog filter

  • Add configurable Scrummer dashboard

  • Add Scrum board configurator

  • Allow multiple workflows in one Scrum Board

  • UI/UX improvements   

    • Layout improvements

    • Add keyboard shortcuts

    • Scrummer smart search (maybe Odoo like)

  • Migrate to Odoo v11 enterprise

  • Allow creating branches from within the Scrummer

  • Agile Jira - import workflows from JIRA once when JIRA fix their API bug

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