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Odoo 11 - When and How migrating add-ons

Benoît Vézina
- 30/08/2017 17:44:17

I am a new Oca member since january, and as I did my first install of 
Odoo 11 as it gonna be release in less than two months, I am wandering 
when did we start to port oca addons from Odoo 10 to Odoo 11.

I also did a working docker with Odoo 11 alpha, so if someone else want 
to try it, I'll put it on docker hubs.  By the way my docker fix the 
file access right for the filestore and it is based on the LasLabs's 
Alpine Odoo (so no debian there, only alpine), this image is more easier 
to update than the official image.  The docker is running the entrypoint 
as root (instead of odoo) before switching to user odoo only to launch 
odoo, the entrypoint is fixing the right file access for the filestore 
(changing ownership to odoo user) before launching odoo.  That way 
everything can be put in docker volume.

So let me know..

Benoît Vézina
a.k.a. XtremXpert